Tattooartist Johannes Höft is a Master of the Trade. The following is a part of an interview done by the local Weserkurier.

I have always dreamed tattooing Japanese tattoos, the day I started tattooing. The perfection, the Precision and the body altering designs have inspired my imagination from the start. I am humbled by the beauty japanese tattoos Display. My clients are a precious gift to me, the dedication and loyalty they show, motivates me to always strive for the highest quality I am able to give.

I have been tattooing fulltime for eight years now and I still feel like an apprentice. Craftsmanship wise I always strive for perfect solid lines, smooth grey shading and mesmerizing colors.

For years i worked in a walk-in-Shop environment. With the Japan Tattoo Art I offer a semi private setting for large-scale Japanese tattooing. I am open minded and I speak fluent English, so don’t worry or hesitate to contact.

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